It could be worse, we could be French?

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Everybody hates Raymond


This weekends events in Bloemfontein was a real wake up call for English football, getting smashed 4-1 by the Germans on the Worlds biggest stage will take a long time for me and the rest of England to get over. With hindsight this result had been coming, the performances against USA and Algeria were cause for concern and the 1-0 against Slovenia papered over the cracks. Still, I believed we would beat the Germans – that’s the one thing about the English, we have blind faith when it comes to games like these. 

The inquiry into England’s performance will go on for the next few months, why do England stroll through qualifying and then choke on the big stage? It’s painfully obvious to see that Gerrard and Lampard cannot play together, its like trying to get a Malteser through a sieve. Still, it could be worse I suppose.. we could be French or Italian for that matter. 

News broke today that the president of French football has quit after France’s World Cup fiasco, what was more amazing was that the French President Nicolas Sarkozy had summoned Thierry Henry to explain what went wrong in South Africa. Can you imagine David Cameron calling Wayne Rooney down to 10 Downing Street for a dressing down about his performance in the World Cup? Madness, complete madness.

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