Liverpool have Hodgson in their sights

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Well it looks like Roy Hodgson is poised to take over the reins at Anfield this week, it seems like Roy is the obvious choice – he works well on a budget and gets the best of the resources available. My initial reaction was somewhat downbeat, who would have thought two years ago that Liverpool would be poaching Fulhams manager?? Still, times have changed and its going to get worse before it gets better at Liverpool. The issue for me and most LFC fans is not the manager but the owners, Gillett and Hicks have saddled the club with more debt than Greece and refuse to sell unless they get a ridiculous price for the club. 

Even Purslow and Broughton who the owners have bought in as MD and Chairman respectively seem to be clueless, Martin Broughton was appointed to find a buyer for the club but it looks like he is there to sell off the prized assets Gerrard and Torres. Broughton is even a Chelsea fan!!! In fact a Sky Sports News reporter alleged that Broughton made these comments about Torres  at the Chelsea Player of The Year Awards “At the moment, he’s still on board, but it’s going to take three years to turn the club around, and at his age… ” Of course, Liverpools official stance is that Torres is going nowhere but the vultures are circling above Anfield and its going to be a long summer. 

Roy Hodgson 63, is up there with Steve Claridge for the journymen of the century award, infact Roy has had more clubs than Tiger Woods, in total Roy has managed 15 different clubs taking him from Halmstad to Inter Milan via Switzerland. There is quite an impressive stat that under Hodgson’s management Switzerland were ranked the number 3rd team in the world according to FIFA rankings! Early on in Roys career he was dubbed “the nicest man in the world” and he will have to live up to that when working with Gillett and Hicks.

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