FIFA to cross the line…

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The argument about video technology hit catastrophic heights this week following Lampards deft shot which was clearly over the line, even Sepp Blatter has backtracked and admitted it would be foolish not to re-open the debate about introducing video technology. Infact, Blatter even went as far as apologizing to the English FA over the incident, thanks Sepp that makes it all better?! As a fan I have learnt that these things sometimes go for you, in the case of the Liverpool v Chelsea CL semi final at Anfield when Luis Garcia’s goal was given but replays were unsure whether the ball crossed the line.

Personally, im against video technology helping referees in most cases but goal disputes are massive and the right decision needs to be made. Can you imagine the Premier League if Video technology was used? Tony Pulis would be demanding replays on every disputed throw in, even John Terrys girlfriend would be asking for video replays to make sure John was actually at the game and not Wayne Bridge’s house! What I would like to see is the use of the Hawkeye technology or a chip inside the ball which detects if the ball has crossed the goal line, on one condition – its only used on instances where the ball appears to have crossed the goal line. 

Paul Hawkins, the managing director of Hawk-Eye Innovations claims its 100% accurate and would install it in every Premier League ground for free, “We would install it free of charge in every premier league ground if we could have the rights to sell the sponsorship” Hawkeye has been used in the Tennis since 2006 and it only takes a matter of seconds for the correct decision to be made, the FA have already declared that the system is ready to be inspected by FIFA after tests have shown that the results of a goal line incident can be relayed to the referee in just half a second. 

Its hugely embarrassing to FIFA and football in general when such situations arise like last Sunday in the England v Germany game, the ball is clearly over the line yet the officials miss it. The referee in Sundays game Jorge Larrionda  is no mug either, he has been refereeing top international games for over 10 years now and is considered one of the world’s best referees. The big issue would be how to implement such changes across all levels of professional football, who would pay for every club to have this technology installed or should it just be for the top divisions? One suggestion that did make me laugh was to have a sandpit behind the goal line for those clubs who couldn’t afford it. 

Let’s hope that FIFA finally agree that this goal line technology needs to be introduced sooner rather than later.

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