The Final Weekend

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Todays game sees Uruguay take on Germany for the third place play off, probably the most irrlevant game of the World Cup. Will the Germans actually care about this after the recent heartbreak of the semi final defeat to Spain? Also news broke yesterday of a flu virus that hit the german camp, with Lahm and Podolski serious doubts for tonights game. This leads me to believe that this will be one game too many for the Germans and I will have a cheeky bet on Uruguay to win 3-1 at 40/1 just to give me an interest in tonights game before the main event tomorrow.

Which brings me nicely to Spain v Holland in tomorrows World Cup final, its nice to see two european teams in the final and probably the most attractive footballing teams in Europe. Spain have won thier last 8 knock-out matches 1-0! Although I would like to see Spain win I hope its a 3-2 game and not 1-0, I think it will be a tight game and if Spain score first I think it will be all over – once Spain take the lead its game over. England and LFC will be will represented in the final with Dirk Kuyt and Fernando Torres both having some part to play, English referree Howard Webb will also be taking charge –  I fear it will be the closet an Englishman gets to the World Cup Final for a very long time.

On a more topical note it looks like time has run out on Raoul Moat, police have asked Paul the German Octopus which village he is hiding in!

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