Vuvuzelas, Maradona and Pundits.

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The World Cup is finally over, last night Spain edged past Holland to claim their first ever World Cup. I don’t think anyone can argue that Spain are without doubt the best team in the world, although they didn’t really hit the heights they should have done. This could be down to a magnitude of reasons, ultra-defensive opponents, nerves and just plain bad luck. I believe South Africa 2010 will be remembered for several different reasons, the vuvuzelas, England’s woeful performances, the French team going on strike and I even like Maradona a bit more after this World Cup. There was a classic moment of Maradona smoking a cigar during a training session, legend!

Since moving out of England I have noticed how biased and poor English football pundits are, BBC and ITV’s coverage of the World Cup has been embarrassing at best. Lineker, Hansen and Shearer should know better as the analysis of the England Slovenia was way off. The BBC guys were making us sound like world beaters when we barely scraped through against Slovenia, and as for ITV’S coverage of the World Cup two words… Andy Townsend. The lack of knowledge some of these so-called pundits have is shocking, many pundits believe if it not’s the English Premier League then it’s not worth watching and the extent of their European knowledge goes as far as Lionel Messi and Barcelona. 

Im not claiming that I watch every league in the world but some of these pundits should really do some research, the highlight of the BBC coverage for me was when Adebayour’s phone went off whilst in the studio talking to Lineker and Shearer – the look of fear in his eyes told it all (you can hear his phone ring a second time at the end of the clip). Overall its been a great World Cup with some fantastic individual performances with Diego Forlan dragging Uruguay to the semi finals and Schweinstieger proving he is a world-class midfielder for Germany. Lets hope England and the FA learn the lessons from this World Cup and start by nurturing the young talent England produces.

I will have a short 4 day break from football as the Czech season starts this Friday, I shall be at Slavia Prague to watch them play 1905 Bohemians and hoping for a Slavia win!

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