The Capello Index – are you sure?

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Fabio Capello caused uproar in South Africa when it emerged he wanted to publish his ratings of the England team after each game, thankfully the FA managed to persuade him to wait until after the tournament has finished. So, the time has come for Fabio to release his ratings on the England team South Africa, the marks below are based on a score out of 100.

The Capello Index

Robert Green – 51.67
David James – 59.28
Glen Johnson – 57.18
John Terry – 60.48
Ledley King – 57.50
Jamie Carragher – 59.04
Matthew Upson – 60.21
Ashley Cole – 59.58
Aaron Lennon – 57.64
Frank Lampard – 58.58
Steven Gerrard – 60.98
James Milner – 59.40
Gareth Barry – 57.50
Shaun Wright-Phillips – 61.09
Joe Cole – 55.45
Wayne Rooney – 58.87
Emile Heskey – 60.15
Jermain Defoe – 62.47

Capello has based these scores on passes, tackles, errors, headers, assists and goals and obviously Robert Green was going to be bottom of the pile after the howler against USA. Looking closer at Capellos fantasy football scores it appears that Shaun Wright-Phillips was one of the better performers?! Joe Cole scored a lowly 55.45, Cole played only 44 minutes in the World Cup – how can judgement be given for 44 mins of football? Its like comparing apples with oranges, how can you compare Joe Cole’s rating of 55.47 to fellow midfielder Steven Gerrard 60.58 who played 360 minutes of football?

I fail to see why or who will use these ratings, the players know themselves who has played well and who hasn’t. You dont need a mathematican calculating how quick a player runs multiplyed by headers made divided by what they ate for breakfast. Infact, I would probably place more relevance on the ratings given in tabloid papers then this waste of time.

If you want to check out the website for The Capello Index here is the link, strange how there wasn’t a rating for the managers during the World Cup eh Fabio?

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