A Message From Albert Who?

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Last week saw Olympiakos sign Anfield misfit Albert Riera for a club record of around 4.2 million, the scenes that greeted Riera when arriving in Greece looked like something out of a Hollywood movie – there was a reported 5000 fans turn up to see their latest signing. Im guessing the greek fans haven’t seen Albert Riera play yet?

Liverpool have taken a hit of around 3/4million pounds on this signing, which is understandable as the only team who would pay over the 4.2m price tag would be our friends from the blue half of Manchester (and even City wouldnt be that stupid, they had Riera on a  brief loan spell back in 2006 where he failed to make an impression).

My beef with Riera is the comments he made last season about Liverpool, Benitez and his staff. Liverpool, as we all know had an awful season last year and Riera took it upon himself to go to the media and slate Benitez and call Liverpool “a sinking ship”. Clearly the guy has no class and he won’t be a loss to Roy Hodgson’s new look Liverpool,  Riera then goes a pens a letter to the Liverpool fans and stated he wanted to be remembered “as a player who tried to give his best”…. Tried to give his best??? Thanks Albert, you are a hero?!

I would rather have 4.2m paying off the clubs debts than Albert Riera at the club, he must have a short memory as Benitez was the manager that signed him for 8m yet he still felt the urge to slag off Benitez and Liverpool. Im sure most of his team mates at LFC are glad to see the back of him too, he is clearly not a man you want in the trenches with you when things are getting tough.

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