Someone turn the Tap off!

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The big summer transfer saga involves Arsenals captain Cesc Fabregas and former club Barcelona. Cesc has made no secret of his desire to rejoin his boyhood club at some stage in his career and Mr Wenger understands this, but the antics of Barcelona and their players trying to lure Cesc has boarded on ridicule! First of all Puyol (and Liverpools own Pepe Reina) forced the Barcelona shirt onto young Cesc whilst celebrating Spain’s famous World Cup win, vacating Barca president Joan Laporta has also made various comments to the media about Barcelona’s desire to sign Fabbers. 

The whole episode stinks, even the Barca players have come out publically and demanded that Fabregas should and will join Barcelona. Im sure that the Catalan giants are a bit miffed at how Arsenal signed Fabregas from them as a kid but this pursuit of a player is just not right. The lack of respect and class shown by Barcelona is ignored by most fans as people associate Barcelona with beautiful free flowing football and not these dirty under hand tactics. 

All during this tug-of-war Arsenal and Arsene Wenger have remained with a sense of calm and dignity, a complete contrast to Barcelona’s attempted daylight robbery of Fabregas. It’s the most obvious case of tapping up I have ever seen yet the devious and underhand way which it was conducted means it will go unpunished by FIFA. As the players of a club are not official representatives, therefore any punishment handed out would have to be on an individual basis and not at Barcelona as a club. Even Laporta’s comments will go unpunished as he will no longer be president at the Nou Camp, making way for Sandro Rosell.

We all know that tapping up exists in football, it has done for years but it is normally done in private between the player a third party. Yet the way the Spanish media, the club and their players have conducted themselves is a disgrace. The English Premier League may produce and import some unsavory characters but at least our clubs conduct themselves with respect and dignity unlike our Spanish counterparts.

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