The Premier League 2010/11

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As the opening game of the new Premier League season is rapidly approaching I  have been reminiscing about last season, here is a list of the things im going to miss this season – in no particular order. 

1.       Jamie Carragher berating Phillip Degen for being out of position – with a move to Stuttgart imminent for Degen it looks like his Anfield days at numbered, probably one of the worst players I have seen at Liverpool for a good few years.

2.       The Portsmouth Fans – as much as the bell-ringing tattoo-clad Pompey nut winds me up I will miss the Portsmouth fans after last year’s relegation to The Championship.

3.       Gianfranco Zola’s  cheeky smile – the ex West Ham manager was always smiling, even in defeat it was hard not to like the little Italian – instead we will have to put up with Avram Grants Toad impression from The Wind in The Willows. 

4.      Carlsberg – a Premiership season without Carlsberg as LFC sponsors?? Crazy times indeed.

5.       Newcastle winning football matches – it was good to see everyone’s second favourite team winning games in The Championship, sadly now they have been promoted their winning streak will come to an abrupt end.

6.       Champions League Football – this will be the biggest miss for myself and LFC fans, while the Mancs, Arsenal, Chelsea and Spurs battle their way to a CL final at Wembley Liverpool will be faffing around in the Europa League.

7.       No World Cup – it will be a long summer in 2011, still we will always have the Torres/Gerrard transfer rumours to keep us busy.

8.       Rafa Benitez – the sight on Rafa on the touch-line waving his arms around, his non-celebration when we score and even the Rafa songs will be sorely missed this year.

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