Top of the Tower

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When you think of Blackpool, you think of the Blackpool Tower, pleasure beach and knotted hankies. Now, its the Premier League which is main attraction at Blackpool. Ian Holloway’s modest, hardworking team find themselves in the land of the giants. No longer will they face Scunthorpe, Barnsley and Doncaster they look forward to hosting Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea – for at least one season anyway.

The model used at Blackpool is to recruit hungry players, willing to play for the cause that cost very little money! Blackpool obviously have a very strict wage budget and transfer budget despite the Premier League riches they have come into, prudence is the order of the day – and rightly so. It doesnt take a genius that paying over odds on wages will all in end tears as Portsmouth have recently demonstrated.

The seasiders boss Holloway is a very frank and honest man, his interview the BBC was very interesting. Holloway added “By the time the player has left my treadmill, he will move on and hopefully he will be worth more and earning more.. ” It’s very refreshing to hear a Premier League boss so honest about the way they conduct business, its clear that Blackpool will not pay big wages like their rivals. ” These lads that are given far too much far too early are monsters in my opinion, im not trying to create a monster” was Holloways take on the overpaid youngsters in today’s game.

Having Blackpool and Holloway in the top flight will be immensely entertaining, as im writing this Blackpool are 3-0 down at half time against Arsenal – Blackpool won’t be too despondent as they know that survival will not come down to an away game at Arsenal. I hope that this time next year we will still be talking about Blackpool as a Premier League team.

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