A New Low

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This week saw the third round of the Carling Cup take place, many big Premiership names have fallen… Chelsea, Manchester, City, Spurs, Sunderland, Everton and now Liverpool. I must admit I didn’t see the game, I went to bed knowing Liverpool were winning 1-0 thanks to Jovanovic and thought things would be OK. I awoke this morning, checked the scores and automatically saw the headline “Cobblers Put Liverpool Out Of The Cup”, gutted, again, this season just keeps on finding ways to get worse.

People will shrug this off and say “ah well, we only put the reserves out, the kids – its a mickey mouse cup etc” Well, the line up Liverpool had out should have been more than capable then winning this tie 99 times out of a 100. Players like Agger, Soto, Lucas, Babel, Jovanovic, Kelly, Jones should all have enough experience and talent to see off a League Two team – especially after taking the lead, AT HOME!!

Its a new low for Liverpool and LFC fans, just after the defeat to the mancs things have got worse again. More ammunition for Liverpool haters, media and pundits alike to slate what was once a formidable club – a title challenging club. Roy Hodgson was speaking sense after the game again, he admitted  “The fact is these players have to accept responsibility. I have to accept responsibility for changing a lot of players in the team, but I did it because I thought the players I put on the field would be good enough to go out and win the game”

Roy is right, I find myself agreeing with alot of Roys Press conferences but it doesn’t make the results OK. Roy can definitely talk a good game, he just needs to get the Liverpool players playing a good game on the pitch before this great club falls any lower.

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