Liverpool, Drama and Derby Defeat

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My last post was 7 days ago, which was duly pointed out to me by my parents on a recent visit home. Actually, I hope it’s not just my parents which read this blog and some other readers were concerned about my lack of activity as well! The last week has seen more up’s and downs for Liverpool FC, ultimately ending in a hugely disappointing defeat at the hands of the other lot which play in blue. Luckily I didn’t watch the game but was listening to it on Talksport on the way back from a heavy weekend in Nottingham. This just confirmed my hatred for Arteta, Cahill, Coleman and Collymore – I can’t believe I had Collymore 8 on the back of my LFC shirt as a kid, the horror of it all. 

Its becoming harder and harder to support Hodgson at Liverpool, never have I experienced such a bad start from a Liverpool side, which includes some of the best players I have seen at the club! Torres, Gerrard, Reina and Carragher are players of ridiculous talent and should be capable of much better than the 19th place which they find themselves in. Of course, its still early in the season but performances do not appear to be getting better, so who is to blame? Hodgson? Rafa? The players? Gillett and Hicks? You can make a case for all of them but personally the blame for the poor start has to sit with Hodgson. He is the man responsible for sending out the team, organizing the tactics and motivating the team. 

Roy’s comments after the game bemused me again, how can he defend the derby performance? If the players are not performing he needs to acknowledge this, its been said many times already but Roy needs to understand he is managing Liverpool and not mid-table Fulham. A 2-0 defeat at Everton is not a good result, despite the second half possession, a 0-0 draw at Birmingham is not good enough either. Im going to give the current LMA manager of the year the benefit of the doubt for now, making mistakes is not a crime but not learning from is a cardinal sin. 

If Liverpool still find themselves in the lower reaches of the table by the new year then I believe he should go, but its not all bad – I remember Spurs had 2 points after 8 games with Juande Ramos (second day gone) but ended up finishing close to a Europa League place at the end of the season. Also, the NESV takeover will hopefully see significant investment in January, I believe even just one quality player coming in will make a big difference on the pitch. 

 Im still trying to get my head around last weeks court case, it was crazy scenes indeed. The boardroom split was quite spectacular, I was starting to come round to Chelsea fan Broughton until he made some cringe worthy comments about extra time, Liverpool and penalty shootouts. Urrgghh, the clichés were in overdrive at the High Court last week, still the end result was all that mattered and that Hicks and Gillett were turfed out of Anfield and we can get back to rebuilding this famous club, starting with Blackburn at home this weekend.

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