Predictions 2010/11 Review so far…

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I have decided to update the site and remove the Predictions as an actual page, so I thought I would move them to a blog entry, now would be a good time to have a little review! Below is a reminder of my Premier League predictions.

Premier League Top Four:

  • 1. Arsenal
  • 2. Chelsea
  • 3. Man Utd
  • 4. Man City

Premier League Relegation:

  • 18. Wolves
  • 19. Blackpool
  • 20. West Brom

So far, I quite happy with the top four predictions. Although perhaps Man City have better chance of winning the league than I expected, I still believe that Arsenal have a very good chance of winning the league.

As for the relegation places it looks like I have completly misjudged West Brom’s ability, its quite ironic that they have performed so well yet they are the only team that Liverpool have beaten!! eeeek! Blackpool will still struggle and I can see them going down, although I would love to see them stay up, so far they have been performing well above expectations but the Premier League season is long and tough and I can see them fading. And as for Wolves, well it looks about right to me and they have a tough run of games coming up too.

I will have another review around Christmas, thank god I didn’t include Liverpool in the top four. I would have felt rather silly!

Also, don’t for get to check out the new page at Play Waved On… Published Articles.

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