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My girlfriend was travelling on the metro recently and pointed out an advert about “Albino United”. After a bit of research into this subject I thought it would be good to spread the awareness and share the message of Albino United. In Tanzania, over the last few years there has been over 50 albino’s murdered for butchered for their body parts. Its a sick trade that is worth thousands of dollars.

Its believed that the limbs and body parts of an albino has special powers which enable witch doctors to create magical potions. Even the local fishermen believe that the hair of an albino in their net will bring them more fish. The Tanzanian police, in some quarters are being bribed to turn a blind eye to these killings. Its all shocking and sickening stuff, but there is one local man who trying to unite the community by creating an albino football team.

Step up, Albino United. Oscar Haule, a local businessman (who incidentally is not albino) had the vision that he wanted the world to recognize that albino’s are just like everybody else, they are human beings who should not be killed. Oscar felt the best way to get his message across would be to start a football team made up of albino’s. Its a novel idea, it has bought the local community together and more importantly it gives the local albino’s a sense of pride and purpose within society.

There was a good feature on transworldsport about Albino United which can be viewed here. A documentary was also shown on More4 back in June this year, which unfortunately I was unable to watch. But its great to see that football can bring these people together and spread the message of Albino’s across the world.

Also, for more information on Albino United please check out their facebook group and support the cause.

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