Slavia Praha 0-3 Jablonec

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Friday night football, live on the local TV stations, floodlit ground, the Slavia ultra’s singing their hearts out. All of these points should have inspired the Slavia team last night, instead they slumped to a heavy 0-3 defeat at home to Jablonec. The performance was terrible, a real shocker. There was no shape with the team, again there seemed to be no striker? Young Jakub Hora was playing wide and Karol Kisel (the one player who emerged with any credit last night) was taking a more central position. The passing was wayward, and Slavia looked predictable as Jablonec kept on winning the ball back with ease. A fine header from Tomas Pekhart opened the scoring and 8 minutes later it was game over as David Lafata scored Jablonec’s second goal.

Jablonec’s third goal on 74 minutes just added more misery to the evening, the paltry crowd of nearly four thousand were fuming. Even the Slavia fans accruacy was as bad as the team, we got covered in beer as one fan showed his frustration and launched his pint from row Z. The full time whistle went and the Slavia players trudged over to the home fans, like they do every home game, and usually the Slavia ultra with the loud-hailer will orchestrate the home fans in appreciation of the team. But not last night, the players look embarrassed, they started to throw their shirts into crowd as an apologetic gesture. Even that wasn’t enough as one fan took offence and threw the shirt back to the players!

Slavia are in a big hole right now, the club has recently “streamlined” operations by sacking loads of staff at the club, they have even cut their budget on youth development as it nots yielding the results they expect. Also, the in pending court case with ENIC could see Slavia bankrupt yet I hope common sense will prevail and ENIC will accept some kind of payment plan. Stand in coach Michal Petrous looks like he will be replaced during the winter break, his decision to leave Tijani Belaid out of the starting 11 was odd, when he came on 2nd half he made an immediate difference and showed some urgency and directness with his play.

It’s a massive job for whoever comes in, the lack of quality and depth at Slavia is evident.

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