The Dust Has Settled.. BUT

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Im still at a loss as to how England are not hosting the World Cup in 2018? Of course, its all down to FIFA and how they operate and naturally being English im biased on this matter. Yet, all logical reasons pointed to England winning the 2018 bid, we have the stadiums, we have the history and its been over 50 years since we last had the World Cup! Not to mention, the best presentation and when the results were announced we received a paltry two votes, two votes!?

Alot of people blame the English media and specifically Panorama, but that is all nonsense. Its been a well known fact that corruption is rife within world footballs governing body FIFA , and people should know this. The system used for World Cup bidding is ridiculous, 22 members of FIFA’s executive committee hold the key, who gives these members the most “support” (and by support I mean, brown envelopes and other favours)  will host the World Cup.

I can almost understand Russia receiving the most votes, they havent had the World Cup ever and the Russians have some great players and are improving as a football nation. So, why not Russia? Im not too offended by Russia, and FIFA would much rather hold a World Cup there than England. The thought of England holding a FIFA World Cup will be giving the executive members of FIFA squeaky bums and sleepless nights.

The 2022 bid was even more outrageous than the 2018 bid, the footballing powerhouse that is Qatar won that bid. Yes, Qatar, a country that has a population of 1.5m will host the 2022 World Cup and try to accommodate around 2m football fans – that’s if anyone bothers to turn up? USA and Australia were also vying for the 2022 World Cup, it would have been great to see a World Cup in Australia, apart from the Kick Off times, although an excuse to drink beer and watch football at 8am is always welcome.

As an Englishman I was annoyed at not winning the 2018 bid, a World Cup in your own country would always be a great spectacle. But the fact the English media are trying to expose the crooks that run FIFA is something I am proud of. If it means that England doesn’t hold a World Cup in my lifetime then so be it, I would rather see FIFA exposed for the bunch of bloated, out of touch, back slapping, corporate knob heads they really are.

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