Tevez – I’m Off

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Carlos Tevez has decided enough is enough, and finally  handed in a transfer request at Man City. It’s hardly surprising as Tevez has been very vocal about his home sickness and his desire to even retire from football. But it’s a baffling football decision, despite all of Citys negative headlines and bad results they sit very firmly in the top four. With Chelsea struggling and Arsenal’s erratic home form, City should be capable of mounting a title challenge. January is looming and im sure City will be looking to add another quality player or two to their already bulging wage bill. 

No doubt about it, City are a team which will eventually win the league in the next few years and Tevez is central to Mancini’s plans. With the right tweaks here and there City could go on to dominate English football and even Europe. Unless, the Sheikh gets bored and pulls the plug on his expensive fantasy football experiment. So, for Tevez to decide he wants to leave is a strange one, if you base this on footballing reasons. It wasn’t long ago that Carlos was asking for a pay rise and contract extension (just over a year into his five year contract!). City refuse to neogiate, now Tevez spits his dummy out and hands in a transfer request. 

This must be the reason that Tevez’s relationship with certain directors has broken down. Mancini must devastated with this news, what more could Mancini have done to keep Tevez, it’s obvious he is Citys best player and Mancini even made him club captain this season. Short of letting Tevez design the kit I don’t believe Mancini could have done any more to keep the star striker. I still don’t believe that Tevez will go back to Argentina at this stage in his career, I hope he does, but the cynical part of me thinks he will end up in Spain, playing in the white of Real Madrid. 

This could just be the start of the problems for the ego’s inside Citys dressing room. Adebayour and Balotelli spring to mind as players with absolutely stinking attitudes who could erupt at anytime. I think the moral of the story for City is to look at the attitude of the players they are signing, its all well and good having an abundance of talent but if the players head isn’t right, this is where the problems start.

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