The Great Rafa Debate

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This week’s rumour mill has been going crazy, Rafa Benitez has been in and out at Inter more times than the hokey cokey. It’s still unclear if he is manager at Inter or not? No confirmed reports yet from Inter, but the general consensus is, that Rafa has gone. This has created alot of heated debate on Twitter and message boards between the Liverpool fans. A big percentage of fans want Rafa back at Liverpool, me? Im not one of them.

As much as I admire, respect and appreciate what Rafael Benitez has done for Liverpool, I feel that now is not the time for Rafa to return. It’s barely been 6 months since Rafa was sacked from Liverpool, the situation was so toxic between Rafa and the owners that it was inevitable that he was going to get the sack. But, if Liverpool were to sack Hodgson and re-appoint Benitez now I would be shocked, and slightly embarrassed as a Liverpool fan.

Bringing Rafa back won’t propel us into 4th place, or guarantee winning the Europa League. Our current boss Roy Hodgson needs to be given some time and support, Liverpool fans are notorious for sticking by their managers (by this I mean current managers). What happened to giving the guy a chance? Roy needs a season to adapt and start putting his mark on the place, im not saying that Roy is the answer but the guy needs a chance to prove the doubters wrong.

A small piece of me is saying “Bring Rafa Back”, remembering back to Istanbul and the season we only lost two league games, beating United and Chelsea home and away. They were some of my greatest days as a Liverpool fan, but sentiment can’t get in the way of sensible, progressive decisions. And im sure NESV will see it the same way, they will be looking at the way he has fallen out with the Inter board so dramatically after just 6 months.

As much as I love Rafa, and the things he done for the City of Liverpool, a return to Liverpool would be a step backwards at this moment in time. We, the fans should focus on backing Roy and the team and not create this distraction and desperate plea to bring back Rafael Benitez.

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