3 Things I have learnt this week…

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Its been a busy time this last couple of weeks, I was back in the UK for Christmas, catching up with family and friends but today I have had time to sit back reflect over the 10 days. Here are 3 things I have learnt over the festive period.

1. England cannot handle the snow – the amount of football matches that were called off during the Christmas break was crazy, quite staggering, that six inches of snow can bring the country and sporting fixtures to a complete standstill. In some cases, games were being called off 5 days before being played? The pitches were fine, it was the surrounding areas that caused the issue, too much ice. Yet, Christmas shopping wasn’t called off, was it?  I think enough has been said on this subject.

2. Roy Hodgson is not the man for Liverpool – I got a moment of clarity after the Wolves game on Wednesday night, Roy Hodgson is not the right manager for LFC. Maybe I have been in denial over the last few months, as I have backed Hodgson and his methods, and at times I have felt like his only supporter. But I heard a fan say “It’s not the Liverpool way to stand back and say nothing when things are not right” And its clear that things aren’t right at Anfield, Roy isn’t adding anything to this Liverpool team and his away record speaks for itself. Sorry Roy.

3. Don’t be so naive when there is money to be made – News broke this week about the pricing policy for the game between Sparta v Liverpool. The Prague outfit have increased prices by a staggering 1000%, I must have been too naive to think they would keep their prices around the 150-300kc mark. You can see why Sparta have done it, and you can’t blame them to an extent, but such an increase doesn’t sit well with the majority of fans. Yet, im sure they will sell out, despite the excessive prices.

I hope that 2011 brings a change in fortunes for Liverpool after a truly forgettable year for the reds. Im already looking forward to the Liverpool game tomorrow against Bolton, despite are shocking performance midweek – Im a glutton for punishment I guess.

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