Blackburn Jokers

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Blackburn Rovers sunk to an embarrassing new low today, they announced their attempted signing of Brazilian playboy Ronaldinho. The Venky’s group, the company who recently bought Blackburn Rovers are jumping from one disaster to another. First, was their bewildering sacking of Sam Allardyce, which you can understand to a point – the new owners might want their own man and are will within their right to chose who manages their club. But to come out in the press and state you are in talks with Ronaldinho smacks of desperation. Conducting a transfer through the press lacks class and morals, thankfully no-one is taking it seriously.

It wasn’t just their interest they released to the press, but the terms of the offer! Offering the 30 year old Brazilian has-been around 20m Euros for a 3 year contract. Rovers owner Desai said “To be precise it is 7.6m euros for the first year and about 8.5m euros for the second and third years,” What an absolute ridiculous offer, not even sure if Ronaldinho will appreciate being paid in Euros either!

Quite what Ronaldinho makes of this offer is yet to be heard, but you can be sure he will be heading back to Brazil (with Gremio) than take a 3 year stint in sunny Blackburn, despite the generous contract offered by Blackburns Indian owners. This PR stunt is just a way of the new owners trying to win a popularity contest with the Rovers fans, it beggars belief what Blackburn will do next, what is their next trick?

Rovers owner Desai claims that Rover fans should trust them, and the new owners know what they are doing.  “The impression is I’ve never watched a football match. I’ve not watched in a stadium but I have been watching the World Cup in India. I have watched hundreds of cricket matches but not live – it’s all on TV. To say I don’t have any knowledge would be wrong. I am a good listener.”  Errr… What?

In a final attempt to win some creditability Desai, told Sky Sports News (who must have been rubbing their hands with glee). “We’re thinking of getting Damien Duff back”. Isn’t pantomime season over yet?

I wish the Blackburn fans alot of luck and patience.

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