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Does this mean that the recession is finally over? No, of course it doesn’t. To coin a phrase from Richard Keys “The game has gone mad!”. We all knew that Fernando Torres was on his way to Chelsea, it was a case of how much? £50m seemed the asking price, so Chelsea duly obliged. As a Liverpool fan, losing Torres to Chelsea is like finding out your girlfriend is cheating on you with one of your friends (not your best friend, that would be like Torres going to Man Utd). Either way, a horrible thought – how I will react when I see Torres in a blue shirt is an unknown right now, ask me on Sunday.

But when news filtered through that Liverpool had a £35m bid for Andy Carroll accepted, I almost fell off my chair. Seeing Liverpool make such waves in the transfer market is surreal at the moment, the club is just getting over the Gillett and Hicks regime, so to see such activity is mind-boggling right now. Despite just signing Luis Suarez for £23m, the board at Anfield weren’t about to stop there.

Signing Andy Carroll for £35m from Newcastle is a massive gamble, at that price. The negatives would be his lack of experience, will Carroll be able to maintain his form? Will he be able to adapt playing for Liverpool? Will he be able to handle the weight of that £35m price tag, with such value comes expectations. Also, Carroll’s personality has come into question more than once. As the excellent Iain Macintosh said today “If Carroll reaches potential, then £30m is fair. Sadly, it’s more likely that he’ll wind up in a hot tub full of Blue WKD with Kerry Katona”.

The positives on signing Andy Carroll would be that LFC are signing a player who can only improve, he is a typical number 9 centre forward, big, strong and has an eye for goal. His 6ft 3 frame is surprisingly mobile and has taken to the Premier League like a duck to water. Carroll has also made the England national team and looks to have a massive future, Carroll will also have a re-sale value should he want to move on, or Liverpool cash in. So, while the initial price tag of £35m looks like a hefty fee for a player relatively unproven, it could prove to be a shrewd piece of business in time.

Reasons why Liverpool had to make their move now? Well, they needed an immediate replacement for the Chelsea bound Torres. Also, if Liverpool waited until the summer, they could have missed out on Carroll as Spurs or Man Utd could have stepped in, and where would that have left Liverpool?

Whilst most people agree that its a massive fee to pay, only time will tell if its money well spent. It could be a defining signing not just for Liverpool, but for Damien Comolli too.

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