All Aboard Train England

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I hate this time of the season, International week. I just don’t have the same enthusiasm for England as I do for my club side. England games just get in the way of the Premier League season. Even a qualification game against Wales doesn’t inspire me. In fact, I found myself more excited by the Spain v Czech Republic game – how many can Spain score?. Even Armenia v Russia would probably hold my attention longer than Wales v England.

Just trying to read the news this week was an England/John Terry minefield. The press go nuts about England, you cannot get away from the debate about Fabio Capello giving the captaincy back to Terry. Why is it such big news? Rio is permanently injured, just give it back to JT. I don’t really care who is captain in all honesty, why is there such emphasis on who captains England? I even struggle to think who is Spain’s captain? or Italy’s?

A sun burnt Wayne Rooney and England’s disastrous World Cup campaign in South Africa are still fresh in my memory. The pathetic 0-0 with Algeria, the embarrassing 1-1 draw with USA and the 4-1 hammering by Germany will have been a massive wake-up call for Capello and the FA. But I fear we will keep making the same mistakes, playing the same style. Why should Capello care about the future of English football, when he will be on his way after next summers Euro 2012 tournament. Why did the FA give him a brand new contract BEFORE the World Cup?

Fabio Capello should have been sacked, or done decent thing and resigned after England’s woeful World Cup. Instead, we carry on as usual, there is nothing like a good qualifying campaign to restore confidence in English football. Lets all get out the plastic flags and cut out David Beckham masks.

Man City millionaire James Milner said this week “A few things have changed from the World Cup, on paper we know we can beat anyone and we’ve started the qualifying campaign pretty well. Fabio has the trust of the squad, we stand behind him and hopefully we can keep getting wins on the board.”  Sigh, this all sounds a bit familiar.

England will more than likely labour to a narrow victory over Wales on Saturday, and everyone will be back aboard train England – choo, choo.

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