Neymar and The Tartan Army

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Brazilian star Neymar wasn’t just claiming the worst haircut of the decade at the weekend; he also claimed he was racially abused by the Scotland fans. Such claims can cause huge damage to the accused parties, even if found to be untrue. Scotland’s fans are notorious for their travelling support, the Tartan Army travel in huge numbers and are incredibly vocal, despite not having a team worthy of such support.

When the Scottish fans arrived in Prague a few months back for the Czech game, I was impressed by the sheer volume of fans which turned out. Naturally, the Scots filled themselves full of ale, but there was never any trouble. Just good natured fun.

Neymar said after the game on Saturday ” They were jeering me a lot, even when I was about to kick the penalty the entire stadium was jeering” the 19 year-old added “This atmosphere of racism is totally sad. We leave our country to play here and something like this happens.”

Adding weight to the Neymar’s racist claims was the fact a banana was thrown the crowd (it was discovered today, it was thrown by a German tourist in the crowd). This incident coupled with the jeering may look like racism, but I fully believe the Scottish fans are innocent here. I don’t believe that the jeering was anything to do with the colour of Neymar’s skin, if this was the case why didn’t they jeer Ramieres?

The jeering probably stems from the amount of time young Neymar was rolling around on the ground, after being tackled? Perhaps the play-acting and feigning injury was frustrating the Scottish fans. As for the banana, who knows how or why this ended up at the side of the pitch? Its obviously an isolated incident, and came from a German, not a Scotsman anyway.

There is no denying Neymar’s talent; he was easily the best player on the pitch. And you can see why all of europes top clubs are sniffing round him. But if he believes every time he is jeered or boo-ed by the opposition fans, that its racism, he may want to re-watch the game and not look at the colour of his skin.

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