Chelsea didn’t want it anyway..

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Chelsea suffered their annual Champions League heart-ache last night, although by Chelsea standards it wasn’t their usual dramatic exit. No “ghost-goal” from Luis Garcia this time, or a John Terry slip which sent Chelsea packing. We didn’t even have the pleasure of Didier Drogba screaming at the camera after refusing to accept defeat. Last night Drogba and Chelsea looked resigned to defeat at Old Trafford.

Scouring through the various reports today on the game, I stumbled across the Giles Smith article on the official Chelsea website. Its the first time I have read something from the  former Sports Journalist of the year 1998. It’s easily one of the most bizarre things I have ever read, on an official club website. In fact, Giles Smith’s Midweek Views is filed under “News Articles” on the Chelsea website. Unless News Articles actually means childish bitter rants, I think Chelsea have filed it wrong.

The opening line starts with “Who wants to win the Champions League at Wembley, anyway?” at this point, you expect Giles to have tongue firmly planted in his cheek. But as you continue reading Giles goes off on one about winning the Champions League at Wembley is meaningless, because thats where you go to win the Carling Cup. Errr, what?

Giles tries to justify Chelsea’s exit by saying “The more you think about it, the more you realise that we were wise to make our excuses and duck out early. Let’s step up to the plate again when something more exotic comes around.” I bet Chelsea fans wouldn’t have minded winning the Champions League in an “exotic” rain-soaked Moscow in 2008.

The unprovoked rant from Giles continues as he takes aim at Manchester United and their fans..

“For Manchester United, of course, it’s entirely different. A trip to London for Mancunians, whether for a footballing occasion or at any other time, is hugely exciting – all those grand buildings and bright lights and shops with their own electricity. They love all that.”

You expect this kind of immature insight on a fan’s forum maybe, even then you would shake your head after reading it. I immediately thought of that Liz Jones article when I finished reading this.  But like the Daily Mail, Chelsea seem to think this is news.

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