Table for Two?

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Slavia Praha number 3 Bassirou Dembele has taken a second job handing out leaflets for restaurants in Wenceslas Square, such is the need for money to send back home to his family in Mali. News broke this week about 21 year-old Dembele’s troubles.

I’m sure most people have thought about taking a second job to earn that little bit extra, especially if you have families to support. But the thought of a professional footballer actually doing this boggles the mind. Especially at such a high-profile club like Slavia Praha.

It’s a shocking piece of news which goes to show the extent of Slavia’s financial crisis. The players haven’t been paid since Christmas, and the club is on the verge of bankruptcy. To make matters worse for Dembele he cannot communicate with the club’s officials, his representative said “It is harder to communicate; the club are people who do not speak English. The player does not understand and he does not communicate with his counsel.”

Despite the crisis, the players are actually playing some good football, and still look 100% committed despite not seeing a pay check this year.  They completely dominated the game last night against Teplice – which they won 1-0 and are now through to the semi-final of the Czech Cup. So the fans have something to cheer.

But for Slavia and Dembele it’s the problems off the pitch that are mounting up.

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