Norwich City, QPR and The Inflatable Banana

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Monday night saw Simone Jackson score the winning goal for Norwich which sent them back to the top flight. The canaries have guaranteed their place in next seasons Premier League, alongside Champions QPR. It’s great to see these two sides back amongst England’s elite.

It brings back memories of watching football as youngster, seeing Liverpool take on Norwich reminds me of players like Robert Fleck and Peter Beardsley. Travelling up to Norwich to sit with the home fans, trying to stifle my celebrations with my Dad as Gary Gillespie scores with a bullet header!

Then we have QPR, the plastic pitch of Lotus Road from the late 1980’s. Every club dreaded playing on that monstrosity of a surface. I can’t wait to see QPR and Norwich back in the top flight, just imagine if Nottingham Forest win the play offs? Bring back Ian Woan and Neil Webb and I will be a happy man.

On a serious note, things are looking a bit grim for QPR. Rumours are rife they will be deducted a significant amount of points this week for their transfer of Alejandro Faurlin. Precedents have been set with West Ham and Luton for third-party transfers and illegal payments to agents.

I have a gut feeling the FA will make a mess of things, and just lumber the hoops with a whopping fine and no points deduction, lets hope this will be the case. The FA should punish the directors and board members, not the players and fans.

It’s bad enough that Craig Bellamy will be back in the Premier League next season when his loan expires with Cardiff. But imagine if Cardiff, Ridsdale and Bellamy managed promotion this year at the expense of QPR and their misdemeanours in the transfer market. Unthinkable.

I hope next year we see a return to the late 1980’s. Norwich, QPR and Nottingham Forest all playing in the top division – who knows, the inflatable banana might even make a return to the terraces.

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