Slavia Praha 2011/12 – Title Winners?

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Probably not. But the new season will represent a chance for Slavia to put right some wrongs from last season. It appears the club is on more stable footing than last year. ENIC have been paid a zillion krowns, or whatever they were owed and the joint owner Aleš Řebíček is looking forward to the new campaign.

Řebíček admits that Slavia’s chances of winning the title are remote, but hope’s for a good Cup run and of course, victory over those lot that play at Letna. “I want to play Slavia if not for the title , at least for cups. And I want to beat Sparta in the derby” said Řebíček. New sponsorship deals are on the horizon, which can only be a good thing, more money means the players might actually see a wage this season.

As an adopted Slavia fan, I am very optimistic for this season, it might be stupidity, blind faith or maybe the summer break has turned me deluded. But it doesn’t take so much to get going in this division, an astute loan signing or two, a bit of luck and a title challenge might not be far off. Slavia ended last season well enough, they were tough to beat and just needed to turn those draws into wins.

As always, the need for a striker to consistently put the ball in the back of the net is a MUST. But where can Slavia or any Czech side find one? Stanislav Vlček has signed for another season, but if he plays for longer than 45 minutes in a match I will be surprised. But the old guy will make an impact off the bench. Slavia’s young guns will be another year wiser, and stronger and I expect big things from Dostál, Koreš and Čelůstka (if we manage to keep hold of Čelůstka).

Just over 4 weeks until the league kicks off and it cannot come soon enough. Slavia will play Bohemians 1905 on the opening weekend – July 30th. Whilst last season’s disastrous campaign kicked off with the same fixture, lets hope the rest of this season takes a different course.

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