Bílek on the brink

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Michal Bílek refused to step down as coach of the Czech Republic, after his side was handed a 3-0 beating by an average Norway team – their worst defeat in 17 years. Bílek still stands by his claims that he wants to lead this team to Euro 2012 in Poland/Ukraine. But, judging by the performance last night, they will need a miracle to qualify.

Apart from a brief 15 minute spell in the second half, the Czechs looked overrun at times, and their defense was as erratic as Boris Johnson’s hair. Captain Tomas Rosicky was wasted out on the right wing, its clear that his best postion is in the centre where can dicate play (he was Arsenal’s best player in a recent pre-season game playing CM).

Milan Baros had one of those games where he spent more time offside that Pipo Inzaghi and seemed to have his boots on the wrong feet. But there are some positive signs if you look at the bigger picture, the U19’s and U21’s have proved there is hope for the future of Czech football.

Players like Tomas Pekhart, Marcel Gecov and Kamil Vacek are being blooded for the national side, which is postive. But the problem appears to be with the coach and his tactical ineptness and inability to motivate and inspire this crop of players.

The Czechs travel to Scotland next month in a crucial qualifying game, but the Scots wont be losing any sleep over the Czechs. Should the Czechs lose in Scotland you can be sure the pressure on Bílek will be immense, and will surely have to stand down before he is given his P45. A recent isport.cz poll showed that a staggering 88% of people want Bilek out.

The Czechs need someone who can come in and galvinse the side and show some flexibility tactically. Czech U19’s coach Jaroslav Hřebík would be an ideal candiadate, a real professor of the game and his U19 side where a whisker away from beating Spain in the Final on the UEFA U19 European Championships.

The only negative would be his regimental style when it comes to training, the young players are willing to listen and learn but I can’t see Milan Baros and Co taking kindly to Hřebík’s orders.

Maybe defeat in Scotland wouldn’t be such a bad thing if it meant Bílek getting the chop, then finally we might see a real leader take charge and give this stagnate side an overhaul. Then again we might not, after all this is the Czech Republic we are talking about.

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