The Trip to Milan – Five Things I learnt

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Going to Milan was not just about the football, the City of Milan has alot to offer and I attempted to soak up as much as possible. Which resulted in 5 valuable lessons, natrually it makes sense to start with the football.
  1. Viktoria Plzeň are a credit to the Czech Republic – Matching AC Milan for almost an hour shows that Plzeň have the talent and courage to mix it with Europes finest. Playing the Italians suited Plzeňs style of football, they were able to quickly counter and deserved at least a goal for their heroic efforts. I left disappointed with the 2-0 defeat, which speaks volumes.
  2. Drink Espresso and not beer – There are two simple reasons why. First off, Italian espresso is the best you will ever drink. Secondly, its much cheaper than a beer, 10 Euros for a large beer or 2 Euros for an espresso? Plus, you will be so twanged out on espresso you would have forgotten all about alcohol as you frantically stomp through the streets of Milan.
  3. Use the public transport – much like Prague, the metro and tram system is delightfully easy and relatively cheap to use. It takes you everywhere in the city – no need for those expensive scenic taxis! With so many great places to see, walking or using the public transport is the best option.
  4. Wear appropriate footwear – If you plan to see as much of Milan as possible wear some decent shoes/trainers. Regrettably, I chose style over substance. Whilst I thought I looked good in my shoes, by the end of the trip I was walking like a pirate.
  5. Don’t leave your connection tickets on the plane – Having the memory of a goldfish mean’s its helpful if keep all of your crucial documents in one place. Placing my train tickets in the seat pocket in front of me on the plane was always a bad idea. Leaving the plane in a excited rush meant I had to re-buy my tickets, that’s 15 Euros down the pisser before I set foot in Milan.
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