Fresh Corruption Scandal Looms

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Breaking news has surfaced today about the alleged match fixing and the handling of specific games in the Gambrinus Liga. Sparta chief, Daniel Křetínský, has met with the Czech FA President, Miroslav Pelta, and presented information that is sure to send reverberations around the footballing community in the Czech Republic.

Just months after former health minister, David Rath (CSSD), was found with 7m Kc cash in a wine box, the Czech Republic looks set to be embroiled in a fresh corruption scandal. And not for the first time, it’s on the football pitch.

“I came to inform Mr. Pelt on emergency concerns over recent developments in the Czech football environment. We have very disturbing and specific information relating to the management of matches. Now it is [up to] Mr. Pelt to take appropriate action,”  Daniel Křetínský told reporters [from sportovni]

“I consider it a very serious situation, and especially the system. I’m not here to comment on one particular match. I came to present information that is much more serious and concerns the whole system.” he added.

“I must say that I was devastated from what was given to me. Sad thing is that I think that the information is credible.” responded Miroslav Pelta.

The news comes days after controversial decisions were made as Sparta lost 1-0 to Viktoria Plzen.  Sparta were left aggrieved with the decisive penalty decision that cost them.

However, I am not connecting the two incidents, just merely reflecting on the sobering news that looks set to further tarnish the reputation of Czech football.


Below is a short transcript of an interview after the meeting at Strahov Daniel Křetínský to the media: [taken from the offical Sparta Praha website here]

What would be the steps of which you speak, should be?

I do not anticipate the situation. It’s so that Sparta as a member of the Football Association turned its President to deal with the situation. I believe that the President will be able to provide concrete steps. If not, we will of course have to consider a different approach.

Which would be?

Now I would not want to predict. I believe that President Pelt is able to take the steps that are necessary to ensure that the situation has changed.

You talk about the problem is in the system. It means that everybody in the league does not measure the same?

We are concerned and very disturbing information, which relates generally to the field of games.

What are the type of evidence that you presented?

Rather, use a word that I have presented specific information.

What type?

They are specific information underlying our serious concerns.

As Mr. Pelt react?

I think Mr. Pelt takes the situation adequately, ie very seriously.

Do you think that would help the situation publication autonomy league?

Now I would not want to comment on specific steps. What is important is the information we have available to adequately evaluate and then take action.

Had Mr. Pelt did not respond the way you imagined, you will require the convening of an extraordinary general meeting of the Association of Football?

Frankly, yesterday we had a fairly long discussions, we considered several possible procedures. Finally won an internal belief that the first step that we need to vote is a step in the football environment and we agreed on making the first step of informing the President.

How long have you think the situation by talking to last?

It is longer, and significantly worsens.

Your evidence is such that for them and can vouch Sparta has is based?

Not only do I provide information to Mr. Pelt, but I informed him about the source. I would not want to comment.

Saturday’s event in Pilsen were the last straw? It can be said that overflowed rate your patience?

So it could be said.

Filled with your fears from last September, which you expressed after the withdrawal of the Judges and then putting a new one?

This is my only concern and strongly persistent concern in the football environment. Again, I can only repeat the sentence that, in our opinion, the negative trends in the last period of extremely intensified.

Mr. Paclík commenting your situation as hysterical, definitely do not agree with it …

I will not comment on Mr. PACLÍK.

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