Guest Writers

Kuba Krzyzostaniak 

Born in Poland, just down the road from Lech Poznań’s stadium, Kuba was cruelly uprooted at a young age from the club he loves.  Years of love letters, relegations and eventually a championship maintained this long distance relationship as well my love for other Central European leagues.  After graduating from university Kuba had a stint working for MLS club New York Red Bulls, then he decided to return to Europe and continue his love affair with the sport from a close distance.

                                                   Chris Boothroyd

Chris stumbled upon the delights of Czech football first hand one sunny summer afternoon in 2008. Originally setting out to find the Letná Stadium, one wrong choice on the underground meant that instead of Sparta Praha, there was Dukla Praha and the Stadion Juliska. A brief photo opportunity and a conversation with a man in a suit emerging from a Dukla emblazoned car, cemented Czech football as a second love. The first (sadly, or miraculously depending on results) being Leeds United.

Chris has gained a BA in English Literature from the University of Hull. Whilst at Hull, Chris wrote extensively for University magazine (Hullfire) and then progressed to run the University’s radio station; JamRadio. He runs his own Czech football website (The Czech Up) and has also contributed to The Belgian Waffle. Away from football, he likes literature and a good cup of tea.

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